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Book to Ebook Conversion – What You Should Know

January 3, 2019

Book to eBook conversion is the process of taking printed books and converting them to eBooks. As eBooks continue to grow in popularity, there is an increasing need to transfer older books from physical to digital form. Books are very important for a person’s growth because they contain knowledge and information about many factors of […]

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Sony Digital Book Reader EBook Store Welcomes New Authors

December 3, 2018

With the shift to digital books gaining momentum, the Sony Digital Book Reader eBook Store is helping unknow publishers and authors get their material in front of more eyes, more quickly. This was recently reiterated when they entered into a distribution agreement with California based Smashwords. Through Smashwords small, independent publishers and authors can have […]

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Digital Book Readers – Reading on the Go Made Simple

October 3, 2018

If you are the type of person that can devour a novel in a day, then the library is probably one of your dear friends. If you have not yet heard, there is another companion out there just waiting for the reading enthusiast to join its forces: the digital book reader. This electronic device allows […]

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Most Typical Obstacles When You’re Learning British

September 3, 2018

Out of all the languages you will find on the planet, British is among the hardest to understand. Many reasons exist why British learners have such a hard time understanding the language. The next lists the commonest obstacles when you’re learning British: 1. Motivational Obstacles: There might be exterior explanations why someone might not would […]

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Know the Difference between Psychology & Sociology degrees

August 3, 2018

For those fascinated by people and the workings of the human mind, both psychology and sociology may be appealing career choices. After all, both fields are essentially the study of human beings. However, while these two field may be related, they are also vastly different in many ways. Choosing the right one for your educational […]

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A Bright Future: Computer Information Systems Careers

July 3, 2018

Computers have been used in medical and scientific settings for more than 50 years. However, in today’s technologically advanced era, finding an aspect of modern life that is not touched by technology would be difficult. All of this information and the structures that generate and organize it must be managed. There has been a vast […]

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Campus Touring: Yale & UConn

April 3, 2018

Just because you are beyond college age doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the pleasures that Connecticut’s college campuses hold. At Yale and UConn, for example, there are museums to visit, concerts to take in, athletic events to enjoy and architecture to admire. University of Connecticut It’s easy to spend a busy day at […]

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Early graduation remains rare at UConn despite rising costs

February 3, 2018

Early graduation rates have remained largely stagnant at the University of Connecticut despite rising tuition and a variety of alternative scheduling options, according to Office of Institutional Research data released by university spokesperson Stephanie Reitz. An average of less than one percent of students who enrolled at UConn between 2007 and 2011 graduated in three […]

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Top 10 Majors at the UConn

January 3, 2018

The University of Connecticut has a ginormous campus. The ginormous campus also comes with a ton of majors, and a lot of students. It is very hard for students to decide on a major because it is a big decision that will control the rest of their lives. Here are the top 10 majors at UConn for […]

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