Campus Touring: Yale & UConn

Just because you are beyond college age doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the pleasures that Connecticut’s college campuses hold. At Yale and UConn, for example, there are museums to visit, concerts to take in, athletic events to enjoy and architecture to admire.

University of Connecticut

It’s easy to spend a busy day at UConn, either during busy days on the school calendar or during the various school breaks. Visit the William Benton Museum of Art, where, among the many features, collection highlights are on display in “From Old Masters to Revolutionaries – Five Centuries of the Benton’s Best.” The Benton is also home to the Connecticut Archeology Center.

Next, a visit to the unique and remarkable Ballard Museum of Puppetry is in order. UConn is home to a school of puppetry, and its creations and performances are most likely well beyond what you would imagine.

Grab a sandwich for lunch at the UConn Co-op’s cafe and watch the student world go by.

Check out the UConn schedule/calendar to see what else might be going on during your visit. There are athletic contests, debates, lectures and other special events almost every day. Certainly take a look at the schedule for the Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts as well.

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