Book to Ebook Conversion – What You Should Know

January 3, 2019

Book to eBook conversion is the process of taking printed books and converting them to eBooks. As eBooks continue to grow in popularity, there is an increasing need to transfer older books from physical to digital form. Books are very important for a person’s growth because they contain knowledge and information about many factors of […]

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Sony Digital Book Reader EBook Store Welcomes New Authors

December 3, 2018

With the shift to digital books gaining momentum, the Sony Digital Book Reader eBook Store is helping unknow publishers and authors get their material in front of more eyes, more quickly. This was recently reiterated when they entered into a distribution agreement with California based Smashwords. Through Smashwords small, independent publishers and authors can have […]

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Digital Book Readers – Reading on the Go Made Simple

October 3, 2018

If you are the type of person that can devour a novel in a day, then the library is probably one of your dear friends. If you have not yet heard, there is another companion out there just waiting for the reading enthusiast to join its forces: the digital book reader. This electronic device allows […]

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