Sony Digital Book Reader EBook Store Welcomes New Authors

With the shift to digital books gaining momentum, the Sony Digital Book Reader eBook Store is helping unknow publishers and authors get their material in front of more eyes, more quickly. This was recently reiterated when they entered into a distribution agreement with California based Smashwords.

Through Smashwords small, independent publishers and authors can have their work converted to online compatible file formats in just days. These converted books can then be down loaded and read on any of the Sony Book Reader devices. Smashwords accepts manuscripts in the Microsoft Word file format which are then converted into nine formats, including.PDF and ePub, all of which can be handled by eBook readers like the new Sony digital book reader Edition range, the Amazon Kindle and the Bebook. Publishers and authors can now upload the converted ebooks, through the Smashwords/Sony distribution agreement, straight into the Sony eBook Store. Users of a multitude of eBook reading devices can then purchase, download and read them on their device.

For self published authors, it is now as easy as visiting the Sony site and signing up for your own publisher account via the Smashwords link. From there, you can use Smashwords to re-format your work, choose how you would like your work distributed and your book will then be available on the Smashwords website at and then in a few days it will be on the Sony Digital Book Reader eBook Store, in front of millions of readers worldwide.

At present Smashwords have around 3000 titles available for download, a figure expected to rise rapidly with the Sony agreement now in place. But they have not stopped there; they recently signed an agreement, with Lexcyle, that allows distribution of their content to Stanza users, which is an eBook reading app for the popular iPhone that has a reputed user base in excess of two million user. Barnes and Noble have also agreed to distribute Smashwords electronic content on their online store at, at FictionWise and via the eReader iphone app.

Sony’s Digital Book Reader eBook Stores commitment to new authors is also backed up with them taking books not only from Smashwords but also Author Solutions. These moves are really pushing forward the democratization of electronic book publishing and helping the small publishers and authors get their work in front of millions of eager digital book reader users.

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