Top 10 Majors at the UConn

The University of Connecticut has a ginormous campus. The ginormous campus also comes with a ton of majors, and a lot of students. It is very hard for students to decide on a major because it is a big decision that will control the rest of their lives. Here are the top 10 majors at UConn for students trying to figure out what they want to go into.

1. Psychology

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The first major on this list is Psychology. Psychology is the most general major at UConn. It is also the biggest major because most students go into it. There are so many things students can do with a psychology degree. They can go to grad school, they can get most jobs, or they could do nothing with it. There are also many courses students can take to pass requirements for psychology, so it’s a great major for students who want to double major.

2. Marketing

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The second major on this list is Marketing. Marketing is a great major to choose at UConn. Overall the course load is pretty easy compared to others majors. Therefore this major is also great for students who want to double major. It is also in the UConn Business school so almost all students are guaranteed a job after college. While students can continue their schooling with a marketing major, they can also live a financially stable life with just a BA in marketing. The only downside to this major is that it is hard for students to get into the UConn Business school.

3. Communication

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The third great major is a Communications degree. This major is probably the easiest degree to get at UConn. Once students have taken COMM 1000 they have pretty much learned the entire major. Most Communication major students have a lot of free time to spend more time getting involved on campus. The only downside to being a Communications student is that there isn’t a clear idea of what job they can get.

4. Finance

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The fourth major on this list is finance. This is a tougher major, however it will lead to a great job. The overall work isn’t too bad, especially for someone who doesn’t hate math. Finance majors also do not have a lot of work, and have a lot of time to get involved on campus. The only bad thing about being a finance major is that the overall job is very intense.


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The fifth major on this list is engineering. This is probably the hardest major at UConn, however it really pays off in then end. When everyone is in debt from college engineers will be living  a financially stable, and happy life. During the school year engineers have a really tough time, however if they stay tough they will be very happy.

6. Human Developmental Family Studies

Stages of human development

The sixth major on this list is Human Developmental Family Studies. It is also referred to as HDFS. It is the study of families and how the members interact with each other as well as the outside world. It is a very interesting major, and does not require a lot of work.

7. Political Science

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The seventh major on this list is Political Science. This major is perfect for any student looking to work in the political or law field. It is a lot of work, but truly rewarding.

8. Sports Management

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The eighth major on this list is Sports Management. It is in the School of Arts and Sciences. It focuses on managing different types of sports. It is the perfect major for anyone who is really interested in sports.

9. Animal Science

Different types of animals

The ninth major on this list is Animal Science. This major is perfect for anyone who wants to work with animals in the future. It is very hands on, and students in this major should never wear their nicest clothes to class.

10. Economics

Economics sign and charts

The final major on this list is Economics. This major is located in the School of Arts and Sciences. It is a great major for students interested in money, and learning more about it.

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